VAP® Membrane

COMPOSYST has the license from the patent holder AIRBUS Defence and Space GmbH to offer the complete VAP®-portfolio of products and services. Customers can choose from the full range of licensed VAP®-materials developed for manufacturing of high-strength composites. If buyers need further assistance, COMPOSYST can offer experienced experts for consulting.

The AIRBUS Defence and Space GmbH (formerly EADS) patented Vacuum Assisted Process (VAP®) uses the properties of modern, semi-permeable membrane systems in highly developed textile composites to apply the effect of a vacuum to the entire surface of a component. This “vacuum assist” ensures that trapped air and gas can be reliably and efficiently removed during resin infusion.

Let us help you choose the right product: Custom sizes or roll widths, tubes, pre-confectioned kits or any combination with other auxiliary materials.

Product ReferenceDownloadItem Number
VAP® Membrane CS/AFor further information...0201100001
VAP® Membrane CS/DFor further information...0201200001
VAP® Membrane CS/BFor further information...0201300001
VAP® Membrane C2003PDF0201500001
VAP® Membrane C2003 - Aerospace qualifiedPDF0201500002
VAP® Membrane CS/EPDF0202010021
VAP® Membrane CS/MPDF0202110021
VAP® Membrane Tube CS/TU50For further information...0205100001
VAP® Membrane Tube CS/TU50 MFor further information...0205100002
VAP® Membrane Tube CS/TU25Für weitere Informationen...0205100003
VAP® Membrane Tube CS/TU25 MFür weitere Informationen...0205100004
VAP® Membrane Tube CS/TU50 M6PDF0205100006