Building on several decades of industry experience, COMPOSYST GmbH was established as an independent company in 2010. The corporate headquarter is in Landsberg am Lech, right within the Augsburg Aerospace Area, less than 80 km (50 miles) west of Munich. The region is renowned for its high concentration of aerospace suppliers with a total of over 20,000 employees. COMPOSYST developed its own innovative production and distribution concept around the VAP® (Vacuum-Assisted Process) and thus earned a leading position in the global marketplace for VAP®.

Especially the superior performance as a technology partner in rotor blades for wind energy established COMPOSYST as a dependable supplier and technology partner; this helped to develop close ties with large manufacturers.

COMPOSYST pursues its corporate vision, aiming for global leadership in selling the patented VAP® (Vacuum-Assisted Process) technology. This is facilitated through the proven determination in product improvement as well as a continuous perfection of manufacturing skills and competencies.

COMPOSYST’s value statement highlights the three company values:


Our global future is shaped through new ideas created by humans. VAP® started as such an idea. Today, COMPOSYST products represent the leading edge of composites technology, offering maximum efficiency while being affordable. To support continuous creativity, COMPOSYST actively seeks cooperation with external partners to develop new ideas for better composite structures. Having close ties with industrial allies, COMPOSYST’s cooperation partners also include universities, the German Aerospace Center (DLR), and the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft.


Members of the COMPOSYST team have been involved with the development of VAP® since the 1990s, when membrane-assisted vacuum infusion was first invented for aircraft structures. After accumulating several decades of experience in the industry, COMPOSYST’s founders established the company in 2010.


COMPOSYST has earned an outstanding reputation in the field of vacuum infusion technology for composites. Today, the company is known the world over. In addition, COMPOSYST has started delivery of parts for marine applications and other industries asking for the latest designs in composite lightweight structures.


Prize-winning COMPOSYST GmbH is a truly unique player in the global composites community. It is the first and only company exclusively built around the VAP® (Vacuum-Assisted Process) technology.

Since being patented, the VAP® membrane-assisted vacuum infusion technology has been offering a better way to build lightweight composite structures of any size (up to a length of 100 m as yet), without having to trade off part size for structural strength and integrity. The essential features of VAP’s membrane-assisted process help to achieve perfect structural quality without the need for expensive material, like prepregs, or costly equipment, like autoclaves.