COMPOSYST gets an Upgrade

IT Maintenance @COMPOSYST

If you know COMPOSYST, you most likely know about our expertise as manufacturers of high-end lightweight composite structures. Or maybe you are a regular customer for our patented VAP® technology and products or use some of our auxiliary materials for vacuum infusion processes. Our motto „Experts for Lightweight“ was not chosen at random!

In this digitalized era, we rely more and more on electronic processes and information exchange. In order to keep providing you with top-of-the-notch products and services, we are upgrading our IT system and network. All to provide you with faster, safer, more efficient and tailor-made services.

Understandably, such a performance boost of our systems requires a certain amount of maintenance work. We will begin today (December 10th) at 12 AM CET and expect to be done by Friday evening (December 11th). This does not mean that all lights are out at COMPOSYST, though! It just might take us a little longer to pick up the phone or process your order during these two days.

On Monday the 14th we will be back at the top of our game with our shiny new system and ready to fulfill your needs in the composite department – literally better than ever!

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