Peel Ply

The material consists of silicone-free or impregnated nylon or polyester material.
Can be used at low to extremely high temperatures.


Product ReferenceDownloadItem NumberOn Sale
Peel ply CS/PP 60001PDF0260500003
Peel ply 41661SRB-60300For further information...0260500004
Peel ply 51789NAT-60300PDF0260500005
Peel ply 51789SRB-60300PDF0260500006
Polyester peel ply 60001NAT-60300PDF (DE)0260500007
Polyester peel ply 60004NAT-60300PDF0260500008
Peel ply 60001I.O.-60300For further information...0260500009
Peel ply 40000NAT-60300PDF0260500010
Release/Peel Ply 60004NAT-3-25300PDF0260500011
Polyester peel ply 60004NAT-2-375300PDF0260500012
Polyester peel ply 60004NAT-4300PDF0260500013
Polyester peel ply 60004NAT-8300PDF0260500014
Economical nylon peel ply A100PS-152X100LMFor further information...0260500015
Polyester peel ply 60004NAT-30275PDF0260500016
Economical nylon peel ply A100PS1000For further information...0260500017
Economical nylon peel ply A100PS80For further information...0260500018
Peel ply 51789VLB-60300For further information...0260500019
Polyester peel ply 60001IO-50300For further information...0260500020
Nylon peel ply 41661NAT-60300For further information...0260500021
Peel ply 60004NAT-2300PDF0260500023
Peel ply 51789-I.O.-18"x300YDSFor further information...0260500027
Release Ply 51789 NATPDF0260500028
Peel ply 51789NAT-7.49.300PDF0260500029
Peel ply 51789SRB-13.78PDF0260500030
Nylon peel ply 52008SRG-19300For further information...0260500031
Nylon peel ply 52008SRG-4300For further information...0260500032
Peel ply 60004NATPDF0260500034
Peel ply 41661GFR-60300For further information...0260500035
Peel ply
Peel ply 41661GFR-60300PDF0260500039
Release Ply 51789 - GFR 18"x300YDPDF0260500041
Release/Peel Ply 51789 - SRBPDF0260500043
Release Ply 51789 - GFR 60"x300YDPDF0260500062
Release/Peel Ply 60004 NATPDF0260500063