Flow-/ Vacuummedia

This resin distribution medium ensures the even distribution of the resin during vacuum infusion.
Made of nylon or polyester and suitable for a wide temperature range.


Product ReferenceDownloadMax. Temp.Item NumberOn Sale
Distribution Mesh CS/DM600PDF200 °C0220100001
Flow Media 681PDF100 °C0220100012
Flow Media 606BPDF180 °C0220100013
Flow Media VI5 - 606
This product is being replaced by 0220100013. The quality and possible uses remain the same.
PDF180 °C0220100014
Resin Flow Channel CS/FC10PDF200 °C0220200001
Resin Flow Channel 10mm self-adhesiveFor further information...200 °C0220200002
Resin Flow Channel CS/FC20PDF200 °C0220200003
Resin Flow Channel CS/FC20 SAPDF200 °C0220200004
Resin Flow Channel
Channel CS/FC43
PDF200 °C0220200005
Resin Flow Channel
43mm self-adhesive
PDF200 °C0220200006