An important next step in the design of lightweight structures, promising performance breakthroughs in the near future, is


COMPOSYST takes pride in being specialised in this key concept, committing considerable resources to its implementation. Overall aim is the cost- and energy-efficient production of high-performance fibre composite structures for vehicle, plant and machine construction, preferably in one single manufacturing step. The underlying systematic approach is focussing on cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, the latter being fine-tuned to the specified composite part. Even complex parts can be manufactured efficiently, with top quality, at competitive cost.

Support Services

One COMPOSYST core competence is the provision and development of customer-specific manufacturing technologies. It is the goal to grow existing capabilities of customers and to help them win new markets.

This approach relies on extensive corporate expertise from the different disciplines of aerospace, wind energy and marine engineering. Whenever possible, new and innovative developments in materials and processes are incorporated.


To serve customers in the best way possible, COMPOSYST involves suppliers, users and partners alike into the development process. Customers benefit from this during all phases of product development, start to end. Services range from process analysis and product design, via production engineering and testing, to project management. This also includes the detailed development of product specifications for serial production. If needed, all services can be supported by customized user trainings, be it for managers or machine workers and fitters.

VAP® Membranes for

Sales & Distribution

Whether customers are looking for some auxiliary supplies or one specific tailor-made part – COMPOSYST’s extensive product portfolio will provide the perfect solution. The offered materials are perfectly in line with the processes used by different customers. The interplay of carefully chosen materials and the product development process determines subsequent part quality and increases overall production efficiency. That way, modern composite technologies are at their most impressive, realising their full potential.

At COMPOSYST, customer service comes first. Customer needs and requirements regarding material and product design are analysed thoroughly to find the optimum solution, always considering innovative technologies.

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