VSM Membership

COMPOSYST  becomes member at Organization for Shipbuilding and Marine Technology (Verband für Schiffbau und Meerestechnik e.V., VSM)

Since the foundation of the company more than 10 years ago, COMPOSYST operates in marine technology and engages in the development and building of new radar-absorbing structures for submarines.

This is just one of the core competences of COMPOSYST. Customers trust the experience and know-how of COMPOSYST for many years.

The Organization of Shipbuilding and Marine Technology (VSM) is the political and economical representation of interests of the German marine industry.

The organization represents more than 550 industrial companies, traders and organizations.

Now COMPOSYST is a member of the Organization for Shipbuilding and Marine Technology (VSM) and benefits from the big network of the marine branch, the conferences and workshops around all subjects of the marine technology which are offered by this organization.